6 Seattle Neighborhood to Visit

Seattle is full of popular neighborhoods, and as a tourist, you need to know which ones will be the most fun for you. Discover the perfect place for an eclectic art vibe, and where the most Seattle bustle happens. Whether you want to walk down a quiet, tree-lined street or stay up half the night in bars and clubs, Seattle has a neighborhood you’ll love.


Fremont sits by the water and has a reputation for being artistic and weird but in a good way. Visit on a Sunday to see the Fremont Sunday Market, which is kind of like an outdoor flea market plus the crafty part of a farmers market. The food here is outstanding, whether you want a fine dining experience or a casual delight. Bespoke coffee shops and bars are all over the place in this neighborhood.

Capitol Hill

When you visit Capitol Hill, you’ll notice a fun juxtaposition of old and young, established and new, upscale and edgy. This is the place where you can visit a tattoo parlor, hit up a bar, and then walk a few blocks and end up on an elegant, tree-lined street. This is the kind of place millennials love, with old buildings converted to new uses and lots of local bars and restaurants to visit.

First Hill

The First Hill neighborhood is close enough to downtown to put you near the action, but far enough that you’re not directly in the bustle. Fun things to do here include taking tours of historic mansions and checking out the Frye Art Museum. Look for hotels near the Swedish Medical Center if you want to stay in the First Hill area.


Though you may not want to pay the premium prices for a hotel in Downtown Seattle, the neighborhood is definitely worth a visit. Some of Seattle’s major attractions, like the Pike Place Market and Central Library, are in this neighborhood. It’s extremely walkable and lots of fun. Get your tourist on for an afternoon and enjoy yourself. Plus, Elliott Bay is right there.

Queen Anne

Hype surrounds Queen Anne, and when you visit, you’ll understand the reason. The homes are gorgeous, the shade trees are tall, and the sophisticated entertainment is plentiful. In Queen Anne, you’ll find ballets, operas, theatre performances, and farmers markets. Kerry Park is a must-see because you’ll get views of both the Space Needle and Mount Rainier.


The Ballard neighborhood is fun if you want to stroll around Seattle. This neighborhood is mostly devoid of sightseeing tourist-traps and instead features a bunch of shops and restaurants. Spend an afternoon here buying souvenirs and sampling local cuisine. Stay into the night to hit up some bars and clubs.

In a city that’s been a popular tourist spot for decades, each neighborhood has had the chance to develop a distinct personality. Seattle is a fun mix of old buildings and new businesses, and no matter which neighborhoods you visit, you’re bound to have an outstanding time.