British Court – Police Helicopter crew, filmed shagging couple at a campsite

LONDON (Reuters)- Police helicopter officials reportedly recorded nude people laying out in the sun, people who enjoy being naked at a campground and a couple believed to be having sexual intercourse, BBC said.

Police officers from South Yorkshire, Lee Walls, 47, and Matthew Lucas, 42, pilots Matthew Loosemore, 45, and Malcolm Reeves, 64, all of which debunked charges of misconduct levelled against them when they were on trial in a Sheffield Court. Adrian Pogmore, 50, a former police officer, was previously accused of the same offence. The peeps filmed on camera included about 2 naturists having fun in a camping ground in 2008, a mum and her female children sunbathing stack naked in 2007, and couple having sexual intercourse in 2008, the prosecutor declared to the court.

Video clips of the couple recorded by officials of the helicopter were reported to have revealed the woman involved, waving at the aircraft at some point. Also, the woman captured naked alongside her daughters expressed her displeasure at the crew’s demeanour and referred to it as a shameful act and a serious violation, BBC said. Court Trial of the crew is expected to last three weeks.